At a lonely dance hall on the Irish border, Danny , a young saxaphone player, sees his band manager and a young innocent girl shot down in cold blood by masked gunmen. Although shattered by this traumatic experience, Danny refuses to let it lie and embarks on a nightmare journey of revenge. Like a Jacobean tragedy, the closer Danny comes to the heart of evil, the more tainted he becomes by the very evil he is trying to eradicate.

Published in 1989 by Faber and Faber Ltd.

ISBN 0-571-14913-8





(Neil Jordan and David Leland)

George, a tough but vulnerable ex-con, is fresh out of prison, on the streets looking for a job - any job. He makes contact with his former underworld bosses, but after seven years inside he no longer has any status in the criminal ratings. He soon finds himself working for a beautiful high-class hooker, Simone, and though resentful of his job and increasingly disenchanted with organized vice, he finds he is becoming infatuated with her.

Published in 1986 by Faber and Faber Ltd.

ISBN 0-571-14538-8





In a remote part of Ireland Peter Plunkett sits in his crumbling ancestral mansion. He can't make the mortgage payments, but he doesn't want to let it go. Making a virtue of necessity, he declares that the castle is haunted: each mildewed room, each cobweb will now become a tourist attraction. The arrival of a group of American tourists unleashes a series of extraordinary events, culminating in a miraculous encounter on All-Hallow's Eve.

Published in 1989 by Faber and Faber Ltd.

ISBN 0-571-15454-9





In Ireland, where national pride is a passion akin to religion and romantic love, Michael Collins became a legend for his fierce devotion to his land and its independence. The Irish patriot's bravery and unswerving dedication to his nation changed history as it made him into a legend.

His struggle, like the epic history of Ireland itself, would encompass romance and voilence, valour and rage, burning hope and fiery tragedy. Collins' quest would bring a man raised on war into an even more dangerous battle for peace. It would cost him his life but would make him a hero for the ages.

Published in 1996 by the Penguin Group.

ISBN 0-452-27686-1




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